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Worker’s compensation covers nurse injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2020 | Workers' compensation |

First-responders and health care workers in Kentucky endure many risks and make many sacrifices on a daily basis. That is especially true during natural disasters, periods of civil unrest, or outbreaks of disease.

Work precautions protect against workplace nurse injuries

The nursing industry puts you on the front line of the battle against injuries and disease. Beyond the basics of getting plenty of rest to perform your best, the first precaution to protect against illness is to wash your hands. You likely already know that and are especially attentive to that simple exercise. Additionally, proper lifting techniques when moving patients, handing medical equipment, and performing similarly physical parts of the nursing profession will help to prevent injuries.

With close contact to patients who carry common pathogens, like the flu bug or common cold, regular vaccinations are important to ensure the best protection against acquiring illnesses. You need to wear the outstanding personal protective equipment typically available in hospitals to prevent exposure to pathogens and other dangerous materials. Properly handling needles with the best possible precautions against injuries will also help.

Workers’ compensation covers nurse injuries

Like all professions and careers, the nursing field enjoys workers’ compensation insurance coverage in the event of injuries of illnesses resulting from the workplace. The nursing profession is a particularly vulnerable one for contested workplace injuries.

When it comes to nurse injuries or illness due to your work environment, despite taking reasonable steps to avoid it, a workers’ compensation case might be necessary if you are denied coverage. Proving where you became exposed to a pathogen or how hurt yourself might require the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.