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At Evensen Law Office in Louisville, I can help you seek compensation for injuries due to premises liability or a defective product. My experience and deep knowledge will advocate to strive for maximum compensation you need to take care of medical bills and lost wages.

Premises Liability Including Slip-And-Fall Claims

If you suffer an injury while on someone else’s property, such as a “slip and fall,” due to a defective/dangerous condition of the property, you may have a “premises liability” claim against the property owner.

When you enter another’s property, you can be classified as either a trespasser, a licensee or an invitee. A “trespasser” is one who enters into another’s property without permission and has very limited rights regarding injuries suffered while trespassing on another’s property.

If you are allowed by the property owner to be on their property, but not there for a business/profit-making purpose, you are generally classified as a “licensee.” The property owner owes you a duty to maintain a safe property and warn of any known dangers on the property.

If you are on another’s property for a business/profit-making purpose, you are generally classified as an “invitee.” The most common example of an “invitee” is a customer in a store. The property owner/business owner has a duty to not only warn of known dangers, but also to take reasonable steps to discover hidden dangers and protect invitees. Putting out signs warning of dangers (i.e., “Wet Floor”) and periodic safety checks are examples of the duty owed to invitees by the property owner.

If you have been injured due to a dangerous condition on someone else’s property, or while a customer in a store, please contact me to discuss your potential right to benefits/recovery.

Defective Products Explained

If you are injured by a product/through the use of a product, you may be entitled to recover damages, (lost wages, medical expenses, etc.) resulting from your injury. A “product” is anything that is sold, except services and real estate, and includes household items as well as large machinery. “Products” also include things like prescription medications.

A Product Liability claim arises from circumstances such as (a) defective design of a product, (b) a defect in the production of a product, and/or (c) failure to warn/adequately warn of the dangers involved with the use of a product.

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