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Dealing with cumulative stress injuries at work

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Workers' compensation |

Some work-related injuries are simple; there is one specific incident and then an injury. However, not all injuries come from one accident. In many cases, you suffer an injury and it gets worse over time until you have significant difficulty performing your regular duties. This is commonly called a cumulative or repetitive injury.

When you suffer from a cumulative injury, you may know the movement that causes the pain. Still, it might be difficult to pinpoint when you started experiencing problems.

Saving your spine

When your job includes lifting, turning or carrying heavy loads, you are more likely to experience a repetitive use injury in your back or spine. When you need to lift regularly during the day, it’s more likely you will lift incorrectly because of fatigue or desire to finish the job quickly.

While one instance may not be painful, repetitive lifts can lead to injuries, such as:

  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Herniated discs

The importance of seeking medical attention

If you sustain a repetitive injury at work in the state of Kentucky, you have the right to pursue workers’ compensation benefits from your employer. And, part of these benefits includes payment for medical expenses, like doctor visits, surgery, and physical therapy.

In Kentucky, if your employer has a managed care plan, you can select a physician to treat your ongoing injury who is part of that in-network plan. If your employer does not have a managed care plan, you can select a doctor of your choice.

Do not delay

If you believe you have sustained a cumulative injury at work, don’t delay in taking action. Speaking with your employer or your company’s HR department to determine next steps on the workers’ comp process and treatment is advised, as you could sustain further, more permanent damage if you delay necessary medical care.

If you have concerns about filing for workers’ comp benefits, need help with the application, or about your rights as an employee under the law, reaching out a qualified Kentucky workers’ compensation attorney is recommended. They can explain your rights and help with any aspect of the process as it pertains to your specific situation.