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Key points to remember when filing a workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2023 | Workers' compensation |

After a Kentucky worker has been injured on the job, they need to know how to get workers’ compensation benefits. Missteps can be costly when applying. It can even lead to a denied claim.

Know the steps of the workers’ compensation process

People are often unfamiliar with the details of filing a workers’ compensation claim. It is not complex if the basics are adhered to.

After the injury, the employee should report the incident to the employer. This includes providing all relevant information as to what happened and when. Getting a medical assessment of the injury is vital, even for injuries that do not seem serious.

The employer is required to report the injury to their workers’ compensation insurer. All relevant facts must be provided, including the worker’s identity, the job they were doing, the employer’s business information and the medical care provided. The employee receives a packet informing them who the claims adjuster is, their rights, what benefits they are entitled to and what is expected of them.

The insurance company will assess the incident and decide whether to approve or deny the claim. They will want to know if the injury resulted from employment-based activities or an offsite accident.

The worker will receive a “return to work” plan tailored specifically for them. For example, if a construction worker injured their back, they might be unable to do the same work they did before. The physician and medical professionals will detail the worker’s capabilities.

In some workers’ compensation claims, the worker receives treatment and can get back to work as before. In others, their injuries permanently limit them and they will need to go on modified duty, be moved to another job or receive a settlement.

Injured workers should know and follow the process

Anyone can be hurt at work, whether they are blue-collar workers or have a desk job. Understanding and adhering to the workers’ compensation claims process is imperative to ensure the worker has a good chance of getting approved and maximizing benefits.